Samsung S8 and S8 Plus: The most anticipated phones in 2017
It started with the numerous leaks about the new phones in Samsung’s S line.

Suddenly everyone wanted to get their hands on one. But just what is so special about the S8 and S8+ that makes them so renowned in the 2017 market? Here are some of the reasons why.

#1 The Looks

Samsung’s newest line has without a doubt two of the sleekest, most stunning smartphones to hit the market in April 2017.
Both the S8 and the S8 Plus have been modified from the S7’s one-edge model to an Infinity Display that features curves on both sides. This new design makes the phone easier to handle one-handed as it curves into the palm.

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Furthermore, the S8 and S8+ screens cover the entire front of the phones, with no physical buttons to detract from the beauty of the glass. And something Samsung fans will love even more: the displays are HDR so that anyone can watch videos from Amazon and Netflix with no problems!

The new models from the Korean tech giants also feature the signature Samsung aluminium body in three shades that will appeal to anyone’s style: midnight black, arctic silver, and orchid gray.

#2 The Hardware

The S8 and S8 plus are not just good to look at, they’re great to use.
Like the S7 model, both phones have a waterproof, dust proof screen. The aspect ratio of the S7 was 16:9 but these new phones both have dimensional ratios of 18.5:9, meaning there’s a larger display to watch all your favorite videos on.
The S8 will be 5.8 inches in length, but the S8 plus will be 6.2 inches long. Both phones have the same number of pixels, but the S8’s smaller screen makes its pixel density 570 ppi to the S8 plus’s 529 ppi. Though the resolution differs, the quality of both phones’ images is impressive.

Another feature Samsung improved in the latest on the S models is the camera. The back camera is still 12MP like that of the S7, but the front camera has been upgraded from 5 MP to 8 MP. Also, the new front camera will have the autofocus option for all the selfie lovers, as well as multi-imaging processing. This processing aspect will allow a user to simply take three photos, and then the phone will overlayer the images to produce the perfect picture.
Added to that awesome uplift is that the S8 and its larger-sized counterpart have all sorts of sensor and connector ports, and can be charged wirelessly. Like all Samsung phones, the new models will have long battery lives with the S8 holding up to 3000mAh of charge and the S8+ up to 3500mAh.

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The S8 and S8+ will have octa-core processors, though the type will vary with the geography. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors will be available in the US while the models sold in Asia and Europe will contain the Exynos processor. These processors are extremely fast and easy on the phones’ batteries.

Another hardware advancement that makes these models worth their prices is the new Bluetooth 5.0 that they come with. This Bluetooth is two times faster and covers four times as much range as its predecessor the 4.2.
Finally, the S8 and S8+ have impressive storage capacities. They have 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of phone storage with the option to expand the memory by up to 256 GB.

#3 The Software

The new phones from Samsung have the security options one would feel comfortable with. There’s an iris scanner at the front and fingerprint identification at the back.
There’s also the add-in that has potential users excites, the Bixby Personal Assistant unique to these models. Activated by a swipe or a press of a button, this system will allow you to type out or speak your searches. Also, if you snap the camera at a product, Bixby will provide you with information about that item, just like that!


#4 Samsung DeX

One last unique feature of the S8 and S8 Plus: you can put it in a dock and the connection between it and the monitor it can be bought with, and automatically convert your home screen into a monitor.



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