How does iCloud lock work?

If the iPhone owner activates the application called “find my iPhone”, it will automatically connect to your iCloud account. This app will aid to find the device if it is lost or stolen. It can also be used to erase all information and lock the iPhone.
The function of this is that it does not work for the person who stole it and it is a great idea. But if you buy an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple watch, already used and the previous owner forgot to delete your account in “find my iPhone “, this would mean that you can not use it. So the iCloud security system can block the iPhone.
But there is a method for this: use an iCloud bypass or unlock it. The best company to unlock iPhone is IMEI.

1. Bypass iCloud

If you avoid iCloud, you could use your iPhone normally, doing many things but you could not use the applications you expect from an iPhone. You can not leave behind the iPhone software and using a different form of communication to do different things like videos, send sms, and manage social networks. This option is free.

2. Remove the iCloud lock

If you remove iCloud lock, you can use the iPhone or iPad as a new device. But it must be said that an unlocking costs money and there are several websites on the internet that make scams saying they can do it.
Bypass or remove iCloud?
Which option would you like to have instructions on how to do it;
ICloud Bypass Hack →
Remove iCloud lock →
ICloud hack
This is a very clever way of hacking the iCloud activation by configuring the iPhone to use different software with “DNS bypass”

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You must reboot the iPhone to be able to configure it as if it is new.
Start the process and select the country and your language.
Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
Then scroll down to DNS and type
US / North:
And in the rest of the world:
Go “back”, click on your Wi-Fi network, enter the password Wi-Fi and press join.
The iPhone will try to activate a new screen, do not do press the back button to go back to the Wi-Fi part where you can connect.
Once you are connected you can see a screen. That says something like “”,
If you scroll down, you click on “menu” to access the functions of iPhone like chat, internet, mail, maps, YouTube, video, audio, games and much more.

Use Official iPhone Unlock to unlock your iPhone

Some members come saying that they are confused about what to do to unlock their device so we will explain what you should do if you want to use official iPhone unlock.
#1. First you must know the IMEI code for your iPhone. This is an identifier of the Apple device and you need to tell them that the iPhone should be unblocked.
Option 1: Dial * # 06 #
Option 2: If you have an iPhone 5 or a newer iphone, your IMEI is seen on the back of the device
Option 3: If your iPhone is not active, there will be an “i” button on the screen, and you will see the IMEI
#2. You need to know the model of the iPhone you want to unlock.
#3. You will unlock the official iPhone and choose the iPhone model and type the IMEI number of your iPhone (see the red arrow pointing where you need to fill in the details in the image below)
#4. Click the “Add to cart” button.
#5. Enter your email address so you can be up to date with the unlock process.
#6. Click “Continue” after you have added all the details of the phone you want to unlock.
#7. Then comes the payment page, type in your payment details and pay for the required services and you are done.
#8. It takes 2-5 working days to process.

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