As the launch date of both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is coming near, people are getting more excited about the phones. Every day, we tend to come across articles, blogs, and tutorials related to the phones.

We recently provided you with a number of articles regarding the phone including Stock Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Wallpaper in HD. You might not have Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, but you can always pimp your Galaxy devices using these amazing wallpapers.

Now, we will be providing you with a step by step guide of download the outstanding Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher APK on your phone. You don’t have to run around on Google in order to download it, on the contrary, you can directly download it from our website. Isn’t that cool!

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It is said that the current TouchWiz Home launcher app is the best that Samsung has ever come up with, epically when one is using this app on an infinity display. It will take your app using experience to a completely next level. However, the TouchWiz app is still remarkable without the infinity display, you can now use this classy and smart app on any of the Galaxy devices.

If you are still interested in downloading this app to your Galaxy phone, just follow the simple steps that we have listed below. They will make the entire installing process a piece of cake.

Step by Step Guide on How to download and Install Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher

To install and download Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher APK is your current Galaxy device should have Android Nougat and no less. The best thing is that the app is compatible with both non-rooted and rooted galaxy phones. Since the app isn’t tested on Android Marshmallow, therefore we are not sure whether it would work with it or not. Anyway, let’s get started.

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⦁ The first step is that you download the S8 Launcher APK
⦁ Next is that you copy the Launcher APK to your Android device
⦁ In case you want to install the APK from other sources, you would first have to go to Setting, from there to Security and lastly to Allow Unknown Sources. Enabling this option would allow you to install the files.
⦁ To start the installation process, you need to tap on the download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK.
⦁ After the installation is completed, you need to open Setting, go to Application, then to Default apps and lastly to you need to select “TouchWiz Home” as your default home launcher.
⦁ And you are done, now you can enjoy this excellent app on any of your Samsung Galaxy devices.


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