Got hands on your new Galaxy S8/S8+, we are sure you would like to try out all new features. Among its numerous features, the Multi-Window mode is said to be something really amazing. You can easily enter this mode while you are in an app, all you have to do is long press the Recents key. However, to enjoy this mode, you first need to enable it from the settings of your phone. From Settings, look for the advanced features option.

  1. Tap on that and from there tap on Multi window.
  2. You will be able to see the Use Recents button, tap on it.
  3. Now select the view that you would like to use in the Multi Window Mode.

The Split Screen view resizes the app that you are currently in and fills it in the upper half of the screen. If you want to select the area on which you want your app to fit in, you should opt for the Snap Window view. In case the app that you want to use in the Multi Window is already open, all you have to do is press the Recents key and resize it according to your need. Once done, now open the other app that you want to use using the More apps button. You need to drag along the middle line in order to resize both windows.

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Snap Window

  1. Allows you to choose the part of app that you want to dock to Multi Window.
  2. From the recent apps, menu select Snap Window, choose the area of the done and press done. 
  3. Now select the second app from the More apps button. The remaining space will be filled by this app.
    To exit this mode, just press and hold the Recents Key.

Launching Multi Window mode using Recents Key

Use the Recents Key menu to launch the Multi Window mode.

  1. Access the list of recent apps by pressing the Recents Key, press on the Multi Window button to choose the first app.
  2. You can select the second app either from the more apps button or from the list of running apps.
    Adjusting the size of the window of Multi Window Mode.
  3. Once you are in the Multi Window mode of your Galaxy S8, you can resize both the apps.
    To access the list of recent apps, press the Recents Key.
  4. Press the Multi Window Mode button to select your first app and then select the other app via More apps button or list of all the running apps.
  5. Done, to scale the window you first need to press and hold the Window control icon and then drag and drop it as your need. Once you are satisfied with the size, let go of the icon and you are good to go.
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Inverting app windows in Multi Window Mode

  1. Once you have opened both your apps in the Multi Window Mode, hit the Window control icon.
  2. From there opt for the Switch Windows button. This will invert the positions of the apps running in the Multi Window mode of your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Maximizing an app in Multi Window Mode

  1. Open the desired apps in the Multi Window Mode. Press the Window Control icon and select Pop-up Window option from the menu.
  2. Doing this will remove the second app present on the screen and it will create a floating window on top of your first app. Now you need to tap on the Maximize icon to open the app in its full size.

Minimizing App in Multi Window Mode

  1. Open both apps in the Multi Window Mode of your Galaxy S8. Select the Window Controls icon>Pop-up window button.
  2. This will open a floating window, choose the Minimize button to shrink the app to the size of an FB messenger style chat heads. To launch the window again, simply tap on the floating icon.

Closing app in the Multi Window Mode

  1. Open both apps in this mode and then press Window Controls icon>Close button.
  2. Now the window that is highlighted by the blue border will be closed.
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